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It can take decades to become a master gunsmith, but you can get started and enjoy the hobby right away!

I offer lessons on a variety of gunsmithing tasks, as well as on gun maintenance.  If you would like to learn how to work on your own gun, or how to perform specific gunsmithing jobs, individual lessons can be scheduled to suit your needs.

Maintenance classes generally require 1-3 hours depending on gun make and model, and you'll leave not only knowing how to break your gun down entirely, but also what tools you'll need to maintain it effectively and efficiently.

If you want to learn old-world techniques for refinishing stocks or rebluing a gun, or a gunsmithing task devoted to a particular interest such as a trigger job on a Smith & Wesson revolver, classes can be arranged over a series of weeks or months.

Prices vary widely according to gun make and model, and to different gunsmithing tasks, so please call for a quote.

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