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Ron Gervase was mentored by masters and trained in a shop that demanded great breadth of skills, creative problem solving, and top quality work. He continues that ethic at Gervase Gunsmithing.

About Ron Gervase


Thank you for your interest in reading about me. I'm Ron Gervase, a general gunsmith and owner of Gervase Gunsmithing.

Being a general gunsmith means that I perform a bunch of different gunsmithing services on guns, from the black powder era to modern full-autos, but since no one has the tooling or expertise to do everything in the huge world of guns, I'll humbly stay out of trouble if I cannot ably serve your gunsmithing request and refer you to someone else.

I graduated from the Pennsylvania Gunsmithing School, which emphasized a traditional curriculum of machining custom guns, making wood stocks from a blank, checkering, and traditional hot-blue and rust-blue finishes.

For the last 14 years I've been general gunsmithing on most modern firearms at Ray's Sporting Goods in Dallas, TX, continually broadening my gunsmithing knowledge under 40-year veteran Dick Cook and my machining knowledge under 50-year veteran Jim Stacy.

Please check out a small sampling of my work in the Gallery tab and feel free to call me at 214-356-9194 to discuss your gun project, Ron

ron gervase



Gunsmithing is different then any other form of craftsmanship.  Get to know Ron and his process a little bit better from this article.



Gunsmithing has a rich heritage of mentorship.  Whatever your skill level, Ron Gervase is willing to take time to share from his experiences with you.



At any given time we will have a variety of guns available for purchase.  If you need help selling a gun, use the contact form and we will get together on terms for selling your item.

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